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Core Values

🌱  Kindness Kindness is the foundation for everything we do, and is the basis for how we treat each other, how we treat our customer, and how we do business and serve the community.  Without kindness, there is no success, no peace, and no happiness.

🌱 Wellness. Our well-being (mental and physical) comes first.  We take care of ourselves, so we can take care of each other, so that we can take care of our customers and community.  Happy individuals create happy families and happy families create happy communities.

🌱 Inclusivity and Diversity. When you work for White Springs Family or dine at our Café, you are considered a part of our family.  In a family, there is respect for each other, clear communication, inclusivity of our differences, and we empower each other to be the best versions of ourselves.  We value the beauty and importance of the diversity in the communities we serve. Our growth and success depends on the collective strengths, contributions and uniqueness of all individuals.

🌱 Community.  We care about our community and want to support our communities.

🌱 Fairness.  We treat our team members, business partners, and our customers fairly and expect the same in return.

🌱 Environment. We take into consideration our impact to the environment very seriously.  We use seasonal ingredients (organic/non-GMO whenever possible) because and are always looking for ways to reduce waste and strive to use products with minimally negative impact to the environment without taking away from providing our customers with the best experience.

🌱 Integrity.  In the way perform, the way we deal with people. Do the right thing even when no one is looking.  

🌱 Accountability. We are all learning and strive to do better every day.  We don't view mistakes as "bad," but as another opportunity to choose and do something different next time.  We take responsibility for what we do.

🌱 Service & Philanthropy. We earn our revenue with exchanges with customers from our communities.  Without the communities, we would not be able generate any earnings.  Because of this privileged relationship with our customers, giving back to the communities will always be a top priority in our business model.  We frequently and regularly look for ways to better serve the community, whether it is to sponsored/discounted meals, participate in fundraisers and charity events, or volunteer our time and resources. 

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